Why is Smoking Bad For You?

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Why is Smoking Bad For You?

One of the most asked questions I get when people stop smoking is “Why is smoking harmful to you?” It is a question that has plagued my family for years and I am lucky enough to avoid needing to answer it way too many times. However, I will probably continually be asked this question.

Smoking is harmful to you in so many ways. Firstly, it can cause a variety of cancers. The most popular cancer that is caused by smoking is lung cancer. This could be life threatening with some types of lung cancer. Carbon monoxide smoke can also cause a wide variety of other ailments such as gum disease, stroke, coronary attack, and other problems. It is not just the smoker who is effected by smoking, everyone is.

The reason smoking is so bad for you is that your lungs are constantly being damaged by the tar and nicotine. It enters your blood stream and damages the walls of your airways. Once this happens your lungs can no longer get as much oxygen because they need to function properly. Without enough oxygen your brain cannot work properly and you may start to feel very tired and irritable. This is simply not healthy at all!

Why do we want to quit smoking? We hear all the good reasons to quit smoking. We all know medical issues. We know how expensive it is to keep up with the bills every month. There are so many positives to quitting smoking and saving yourself from the nasty consequences of smoking.

The hardest part to quitting smoking may be the mental attachment you should cigarettes. You will go through withdrawal symptoms every time you put a cigarette in the mouth area. You will wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and wish you can smoke a cigarette. You can become addicted to something like cigarettes and hard to get rid of. But if you decide to quit smoking, you will see it easier than you ever thought possible!

Lots of people are smokers but don’t realize how bad it really is. They say they don’t really smoke anymore or they think it is fine for them. But I could tell you that for me personally, when I was a smoker, it was not okay. If I did not smoke, I could not imagine living the others of my life without a cigarette. It is just a bad habit in fact it is time to end it once and for all!

I’m here to share why is smoking harmful to you? Because it kills! Smoking destroys your lungs, causes cancer, increases the risk of disease, wrinkles your skin layer and it enables you to look more than your real age.

Stop smoking today and stay healthy for years to come. There is no other solution to put it. For those who have made up your mind and want to give up smoking, then you should do so! You have previously taken the first step and now it is your decision to succeed. Do not quit hope, there’s still hope.

What’s the main reason smokers make an effort to stop? It is because of all warnings about smoking and medical risks involved. All of the celebrities Eightvape Coupon and politicians reveal to stay away from cigarettes. All the movies and television shows reveal to turn down those cigarettes and maybe we will be so lucky enough never to get lung cancer or die from their website! We are told how lousy smoking is and how we all should quit smoking if we want to stay healthy. Each one of these things just aren’t true.

Did you know that in some states, smoking is illegal? That means for you, it really is illegal to smoke in public areas. In case you are caught in the act, serious fines are filed against you as well as your employer may even be required to let you go. To be able to keep your job, then you need to give up smoking!

People say, “I’m not a smoker, so I don’t need to quit smoking!” This is a cop-out. If you are a non-smoker, then you certainly are a smoker. The chemicals in tobacco smoke are far worse compared to the nicotine. And if you truly want to quit, you must give up smoking!

So why is smoking harmful to you? Because it is harmful to your health, your life, and your future. All it requires is one bad day and all the bad things in the world can come together. Just make a decision to give up today.